1. Payer details

Payer basic details

The payer’s details have been imported on the report from customer information.

You may add an additional identifier (identifier type, identifier and country code of a foreign identifier). You can also edit the company name if necessary.

Select contact language: Finnish, Swedish or English. This data is saved on the report and submitted to the data user. Saving the data does not alter the language in which the payer uses the Incomes Register.

Payer’s address

Enter payer’s address details (street address or P.O. box, city and postal code, c/o if needed) if

  • the payer does not have a Finnish identifier
  • the address is located abroad
  • the payer is a temporary employer.

If the address is located abroad, also select the country code from the menu.

Contact person

Enter the name, telephone number and email address of the person who should be contacted for further information about this report. You can report more than one contact person by selecting Add a contact person.

2. Report data

3. Preview