3. Preview

Use the preview to check that the data you have entered in the report is correct. You can still go back and edit the report by clicking Previous. Once you have checked the data, click Submit. The service will inform you that the report has been received and that the data will be saved in the Incomes Register. The pages also show the Payer's report reference that you can later use, for example, to search for the report in the Incomes Register. If the report has errors or data is missing from it, you will not be able to submit the report. If this happens, check from the error message which data needs to be corrected before you can submit the report.

Note: If you receive an error message during the preview stage, the error will currently continue to show in the preview even after you have corrected it.

If you click the Exit button in preview, the data you have entered in the report will not be saved in the Incomes Register.

Browsing a submitted report

You can browse the reports you have submitted via the Submitted reports field on the left side of the page. The reports you have submitted will be shown on the page. Select Employee leasing notice and search for a specific report, for example, with the payer’s report reference or a specific time range.


1. Payer details

2. Report data