Correcting a report

In the e-service, a report can usually be corrected by simply correcting the errors and adding the missing data. However, some errors in a report must be corrected by cancelling the report. If an incorrect entry cannot be changed, you must cancel the previously submitted report and submit a new report with the correct data.

Make corrections to report data

All the information that was in the original report will be pre-completed in the new report. Correct the errors and add the missing data. Check carefully the detailed data of different entries as well.

When you have corrected and checked all the details, click Next. Use the preview to check that all the information you have entered is correct and submit the report. The correction is matched with the original report with the help of a report reference. When the report is saved in the Incomes Register, it will replace the original report. After you have saved the report, a new report version is generated.

Cancel a report

If the data cannot be corrected using the Correct function of the report, you must first cancel the report and then submit a new one. To cancel a report, return to the report's collection page and click Cancel.

If you must correct a report by cancelling it, do as follows:

  1. Cancel the erroneous report.
  2. Submit a new report with correct data and give the report a new report reference.

Situations when a report must be cancelled in order to correct data

A report must be cancelled and a new report must be submitted if the following data in the report must be corrected:

  • payment date
  • pay period
  • payer and income earner's customer identifiers
  • Type of additional income earner data Athlete or Organisation
  • payer type Temporary employer
  • customer identifiers of the actual employer in the Substitute payer data group
  • income earner's date of birth
  • information Acts as substitute payer
  • pension policy number
  • occupational accident insurance company identifier or policy number
  • exceptions to insurance
    • retroactive changes to No obligation to provide insurance data
    • retroactive changes to Not subject to Finnish social security data
    • retroactive change to Voluntary insurance in Finland (earnings-related pension insurance) data.

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Page last updated 3/31/2020