Act on behalf of a company or an organisation

If you have an official role in the company, you can act in the Incomes Register's e-service without a separate authorisation. If you have an authorisation, the authorisation determines how you can act on behalf of the company or organisation in the Incomes Register's e-service. Read more about authorisations. 


If the company has paid wages, fees, non-wage compensation for work, or other earned income, report the data to the Incomes Register. Tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses must also be reported.

Read more about Incomes Register reports.

Submitted reports

Search and browse reports submitted by the company or organisation. On the page Submitted reports, you can find all reports, regardless of whether they have been submitted via the technical interface, upload service, on an online form, or on a paper form.

You can also correct or cancel submitted reports or use a submitted report as a template for a new report.

Records sent

Check the status of records submitted to the Incomes Register via the technical interface or the upload service.


Request transcripts in PDF format or download previously requested transcripts. You can also search and browse previous transcript requests.


If you have the right to sign for the company, i.e. if you are a Managing Director, substitute for the Managing Director, official with the right to sole representation, Katso master user, or sole trader, you can submit an application for using the technical interface. You can apply for a new certificate, which is needed to use the technical interface. You can also browse the organisation's existing certificates.

Company's income data

Search and browse the company's income data that payers have reported to the Incomes Register.