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Personal income data – browsing income data

Search and browse your personal income data that payers have reported to the Incomes Register.

Employers and other payers report paid wages, fringe benefits, fees, non-wage compensations for work, and other earned income to the Incomes Register. Tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses must also be reported. The Incomes Register contains information on payments made after 1 January 2019.

If earnings payment data is missing from the Incomes Register or you notice an error in the data, please ask the payer to submit the missing data or correct the erroneous data. Various authorities use the data submitted to the Incomes Register. For example, earnings-related pension providers use the data as a basis for pension, the Tax Administration uses the data in taxation, and Kela makes benefit decisions based on the data.


If you have paid wages, fees, non-wage compensation for work, or other earned income as a household, report the data to the Incomes Register.

Read more about when and what data a household should report to the Incomes Register.

Read more about Incomes Register reports.

Submitted reports

Search and browse the reports you have submitted to the Incomes Register. You can also correct or cancel reports or use a submitted report as a template for a new report.


Request transcripts in PDF format or browse your previously requested transcripts. You can request a transcript on the earnings payment data you have submitted to the Incomes Register or an Incomes Register extract detailing the income paid to you.