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You have selected to use the Incomes Register as a private individual.

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Private individual's functions.
Function Description
Language selection You can change the language of the e-service in the top right-hand corner of the page: Finnish, Swedish, English

Instructions button.


By clicking the instructions link, you can read instructions concerning the function in question. The page opens in a new window.


Personal income data  You can browse your personal income data reported by payers to the Incomes Register.



Go to the Reporting page. Select the report type: earnings payment report, employer's separate report, information on international work, or employee leasing notice. Select the report type to start filling in a new report.


Earnings payment report

Submit a new earnings payment report.


Watch the instructional video: How to use the Incomes Register - A household reports paid wages to the Incomes Register (YouTube, 7:41 min)

Employer's separate report

Submit a new employer’s separate report.


Information on international work

Submit a new report concerning information on international work.


Employee leasing notice

Submit a new employee leasing notice.


Submitted reports You can browse the reports you have submitted.
Subscriptions made

Go to the summary page for subscriptions where you can view the transcripts you have previously requested.


New subscription You can request a PDF or CSV transcript (e.g. Incomes Register extract).


If you have signed in to the e-service with a Katso ID, the Continue as a private individual option is not available.