Act as a private individual or on behalf of another individual

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  • Identification

    Log in with your online banking credentials, a mobile certificate, or a Citizen Certificate.
  • Use as a private individual

    Choose this role if you want to browse your own earnings payment data or report wages you have paid, for example.
  • Use on behalf of another individual

    Choose this role if you want to use the service on behalf of your child who is under 15 years old or another individual who has granted you authorisation.

E-service functions: Individuals

Personal income data

You can browse the payment data submitted to the Incomes Register by your employer and other payers. You can also request an Incomes Register extract, which includes information on payments made to you and reported to the Incomes Register.

How to use the Incomes Register - View your own income data (in Finnish, YouTube, 2:48 min)

How to use the Incomes Register - Request an Incomes Register extract (YouTube, 2:31 min)


Report data to the Incomes Register on wages paid by your household. If employer’s health insurance contributions must be paid for the wages, you must also submit an employer’s separate report.

How to use Incomes Register - Household (English subtitles, YouTube 9:25 min)

Reported data

Browse and search for the reports you have submitted. You can also correct reports or use an earlier report as a template for a new report.

Read the user instructions: Submitted reports

Read the user instructions: Correcting the earnings payment report and the employer’s separate report

Read the user instructions: Records sent


Browse the subscriptions you have made, order a new transcript, or make a new record subscription.

Read the user instructions: Subscriptions made

Read the user instructions: New subscription

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