Act as a data user

  • How to use

  • Identification

    Log in with your online banking credentials, a mobile certificate, or a Citizen Certificate.
  • Act as a data user

    Choose this role if you want to use the Incomes Register as a data user. Please note that using this role requires your organisation to grant you the master user role or some other data user role.
  • Select a role

    The list includes all the data user roles available to you for the use of the Incomes Register.

A data user is either an organisation or authority which, by law, has the right to obtain data from the Incomes Register. Select “Act as a private individual”, if you want to view your own earnings payment data.

E-service functions: Data users

Please note that some of the functions can only be used by the organisation’s master user.

Data search

You can search for data in the Incomes Register according to the data access rights granted to your organisation or the role granted to you.

Read the user instructions: Data search


Browse the subscriptions you have made, order a new transcript, or make a new record subscription.

Read the user instructions: Subscriptions made

Read the user instructions: New subscription


A data user’s master user can view the organisation’s valid certificates, apply for a new certificate or additional certificates, and update certificate information. The master user can also browse the organisation’s authorisations, grant authorisation for new persons to use different data user roles, or maintain existing authorisations.

Read the user instructions: Granting authorisation to data users

Read the user instructions: Certificates

Page last updated 8/25/2022