Report an observation in the Incomes Register

Instructions for filling in the form

You can use this form to report a technical observation or incident to the Incomes Register Unit. Incomes Register customer service gives advice on reporting-related issues. If you wish to give feedback on the Incomes Register, please fill in the feedback form.

The observation form is meant for data providers, i.e. payers that report data to the Incomes Register. The observations reported on the form are admitted for processing on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4.15 p.m. The observations will be processed within 2–3 working days on average.

If you wish, you may also provide your personal identity code or business ID. This information is not mandatory, but providing it will speed up and facilitate the processing of the observation. The data on the form is transmitted to the Incomes Register Unit over a secure connection.

By providing your personal identity code, you agree to its use for the processing of the observation form.

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Cancellation of a record subscription

Data of the primary subscription

Data of the secondary subscription