The Katso service will still be available in the Incomes Register in 2020


Katso identification and authorisations can still be used in the Incomes Register and the Tax Administration's other services in 2020. With regard to the Tax Administration's services, the discontinuation of the Katso service will be rescheduled and will not take place, as previously planned, at the end of 2019. Authorisations and Katso IDs previously created in the Katso service will be valid in 2020.

Many customers already use the e-Authorisations service to authorise companies or individuals to act on their behalf in the Incomes Register. The following customer groups still use the Katso service to grant authorisations:

  • foundations
  • associations, with a Business ID
  • parishes
  • educational institutions
  • partnerships
  • estates
  • public organisations
  • foreign companies that are not registered in the Trade Register or whose authorised signatories are foreign citizens (who do not have a Finnish personal identity code).

For other legal forms of organisations, the Incomes Register recommends switching to e-Authorisations as soon as possible, if a company, an organisation or a person wants someone else to act on their behalf in the Incomes Register. To activate the e-Authorisations, visit There are specific authorisation codes for acting in the Incomes Register.

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New functionalities for e-Authorisations e-Authorisations are being continuously developed. The forthcoming function for officials enables, among other things, the e-authorisation and acting on behalf of another individual or party for those who have been unable to use these services until now. In the future, individuals who do not have online banking codes, for example, can authorise another individual or a company to act on their behalf in the Incomes Register.

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