The Incomes Register is being developed based on feedback


The Incomes Register, which was introduced at the turn of the year, has received a lot of feedback: over 750 comments were sent on the feedback form. You can still give feedback and all feedback will be read. The development needs of the Incomes Register are assessed and reacted to based on their importance and urgency.

Most of the feedback concerns the usability of the Incomes Register and the e-service functions

Accessible Incomes Register

Customers wanted better usability for the Incomes Register's e-service on mobile devices. In addition, customers also expressed a wish that the mandatory fields of the report were indicated, for example, with colours.

The accessibility of the e-service is high on the list of priorities in the development of the Incomes Register. Accessibility is currently being improved based on, for example, an accessibility audit.

An accessibility audit was recently performed to evaluate the website. According to the audit, the website is fairly accessible. However, the accessibility of the website will be improved in the future.

Printing or saving a report

The e-service has been developed in this regard. A report can now be printed or saved in PDF format by clicking the print button.

Pre-completed information

Saving the basic payer details on the online form

This function is planned to be implemented in autumn 2019.

Filling in the earnings period only once for all the income types at the same time

'Use time range of pay period' function is planned to be implemented in autumn 2019.

Extending browser support

When using Google Chrome, you can use a comma to separate decimal points. When using other browsers, you must use a full stop instead of a comma. The customers wished that the use of a comma to separate decimal points would be possible when using other browsers as well.

We plan to extend browser support to Firefox and Safari, but for now, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using the Incomes Register.

Field-specific error messages in different languages

Customers wished that the error messages were field-specific and shown in Finnish and Swedish.

The e-service's error messages have been improved during the first months of the year. At the moment, most of the error messages are in Finnish. The development of the error messages is still ongoing.

More accurate filtering of transcript requests

In the feedback, customers expressed a wish that an Incomes Register's transcript could be requested from a specific period of time and concerning a single income earner.

The Incomes Register's transcript functionality has been developed during the first months of the year and it is now possible to order a transcript from a specific time period. In addition, the payer's transcripts concerning the income paid to different income earners can be requested separately.

Faster and more accurate report search

Customers asked for the payment date or reporting date to be made into new search criteria in the e-service. In addition, customers asked for an icon in the search function to denote the progress of the search.

The Incomes Register's search results can now be narrowed down by entering the payment date or reporting date.

The search has been made faster during the first months of the year. The Incomes Register's goal is to make the search so fast that no progress icon will be needed.

How to give feedback

The Incomes Register is a completely new service and a new way of transacting. We will develop the Incomes Register based on customer feedback. Your opinion is important to us.

Give feedback on the Incomes Register.