Postal strike causes delays in Incomes Register mail


The strike at Posti, scheduled to begin on Monday, will cause delays in both the delivery of letters sent by the Incomes Register and paper reports submitted by payers to the Incomes Register. The strike is scheduled to begin at 6 am on Monday 11 November and to end at 12 midnight on Sunday 24 November.

Use the e-service during the strike

Due to the strike, the delivery of letters sent by the Incomes Register may be delayed for a long time. Additionally, it is possible that the Incomes Register will not receive the earnings payment reports and employer's separate reports submitted on paper forms in time.

Incomes Register data users, e.g. the Tax Administration, Employment Fund and earnings-related pension providers, may impose late-filing penalties if reports are not submitted on time. With regard to deadlines, you should contact the authority or party in question directly. The Incomes Register is not responsible for the data users' penalty practices.  

Please note that even if you posted the report on time, due to the strike it will not necessarily reach the Incomes Register by the deadline. Therefore, the Incomes Register recommends that reports and corrections be primarily submitted via the Incomes Register's e-service.

The strike does not affect the e-service. Electronically submitted reports can be viewed in the Incomes Register's e-service as soon as they have been submitted.

The majority of Incomes Register reports are submitted electronically; only less than one percent of the reports are submitted on a paper form. Data can only be reported to the Incomes Register on a paper form in special circumstances.