Period for Incomes Register authorisation via the Katso service extended to 2019


In general, authorisations for the Incomes Register are created via the e-Authorisations service. You should create authorisations via this service immediately if the legal form of your business permits.

However, the Incomes Register project has decided that Katso service authorisations can also be used for Incomes Register authorisations, until the Katso service reaches the end of its lifecycle. The Katso service will be closed down by 31 December 2019.

It may be necessary to use the Katso service if your company or organisation is creating many authorisations. In such a case, authorisations can be created via the Katso service's mass authorisation function. Authorisations can be created via the Katso service, using the Incomes Register's authorisation codes Reporting earnings payment data and Browsing earnings payment data.

Katso service users should create new authorisations via in 2019

If a company uses the Katso service for authorisation, it should be prepared to create the authorisations again, via the e-Authorisations service, in 2019.

Additional information on Incomes Register authorisation