How to report and correct occupational class information in the Incomes Register


The occupational class is mandatory information on the Incomes Register's earnings payment report if

  • the income earner is in an employment relationship*
  • the employed person is insured under the public sector pensions act (julkisten alojen eläkelaki 81/2016) or the seafarers’ pensions act (merimieseläkelaki 1290/2006)
  • the person is employed by the Bank of Finland.

The occupational class is reported to the Incomes Register as a 5-digit code using Statistics Finland's TK10 codeset ( In addition to this code, the payer can also report, as complementary additional information, the Title (free text) data item that allows the income earner's occupational title to be written out. Incorrect or missing occupational class information affects the amount of insurance contribution and the statistics of Statistics Finland.

If the income earner is insured under the public sector pensions act or the seafarers’ pensions act or employed by the Bank of Finland, and the income paid is both subject to accident insurance and pension insurance contributions, the payer must enter another occupational class (Keva's or the Bank of Finland's codeset) in addition to Statistics Finland's occupational class TK10.

For guidance on using Keva's codeset (occupational title in accordance with Keva’s titles, grounds for registration, payer’s suborganisation according to Keva's submitter codes, reason for termination of employment), contact:

Search occupational titles of the municipal sector (in Finnish)

How to find the correct occupational class

Follow these two steps to find the correct occupational class:

  1. Search for an occupation and occupational class using Statistics Finland's classification search tool (in Finnish) ( Select classification: Classification of occupations 2010.
  2. Check that the code and name of the occupational class match the codeset used by the Incomes Register. The Incomes Register uses its own version of Statistics Finland's classification of occupations codeset (

If necessary, you will receive support and instructions on choosing Statistics Finland's occupational class TK10 from your accident insurance provider.

Incorrect or incomplete reports must be corrected without delay

If the occupational class has been reported incorrectly, correct the erroneous or deficient information upon discovering the error. Income earners who notice an error in their information must ask the payer to correct it.

The occupational class information is corrected by submitting a replacement report to the Incomes Register.

Incomes Register FAQs about reporting occupational class (in Finnish)

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*This news article was updated on 17 February 2020