How to cancel incorrect reports or reports that have been saved multiple times in the Incomes Register


If an incorrect report or record containing several reports needs to be deleted entirely from the Incomes Register, the payer can do this by cancelling it. The cancellation of data means that the data is no longer valid in the Incomes Register. The cancellation is matched with the correct report based on the Incomes Register's report reference or the payer's report reference.

The payer is responsible for checking and choosing which records to cancel. Reports that are saved multiple times comprise reports submitted by the same payer for the same payment date and pay period, concerning the same income earner and containing the same data.

The Incomes Register system cannot copy or duplicate the data or reports saved there. Records are saved in the Incomes Register multiple times only if the payer submits them multiple times. Some payers may have submitted the same records more than once if, for instance, a payroll system has not notified them that the first record was saved, or if a payroll system has not requested processing feedback from the Incomes Register after the acknowledgement of receipt.

Disruption in cancelling reports in the Incomes Register's e-service

At the moment, there is a disruption in cancelling earnings payment reports and employer's separate reports in the Incomes Register's e-service.

You can still cancel reports in the Incomes Register and the cancellation will be saved in the Incomes Register database. However, the e-service will not notify you that the cancellation was successful. The cancellation can be seen in the e-service when you search for the cancelled report again. The disruption does not concern the cancellation of records.

We will fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Cancelling data from the Incomes Register