Employer, have you changed pension insurance providers in April?


Employers may move their insurances once a year to another pension insurance provider. After the deployment of the Incomes Register, it was possible to change insurance providers for the first time on 1 April 2019.

If you have changed insurance providers on 1 April, you must take it into account when reporting to the Incomes Register.

Employer, report your new pension policy number to your accounting firm. To learn your pension policy number see the insurance documents or contact your pension insurance provider.

The Incomes Register checks pension policy numbers

The Incomes Register checks the pension policy number when the report is being saved. If the report contains an expired pension policy number, the report will be rejected. In an earnings payment report, the number must be valid on the payment date, and in an employer's separate report, it must be valid on the reporting date.

Example: The payment date is 31 March and the pension policy number has changed or expired on 1 April.

The earnings payment report and employer's separate report are submitted on 4 April. The old pension policy number must be used in the earnings payment report and the new number must be used in the employer's separate report. If there is no pension insurance, the pension policy number is not reported at all in the employer's separate report.

Employer's separate report and pension insurance information

You must submit the pension insurance information in an employer's separate report when you report the 'No wages payable' data.

If income has been paid only to YEL insured individuals, the payer's pension insurance information is not reported. The 'No wages payable' data is only reported by regular employers, i.e. employers who are registered in the Tax Administration's Employer Register.

How to report a pension policy number to the Incomes Register

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