Customers mostly satisfied with the Incomes Register customer service


The respondents to the Incomes Register's customer service survey were mostly satisfied with the service they received and felt that their affairs were handled properly. Some respondents criticised how busy the customer service was in the beginning of the year. The customer service survey was conducted in April and May as a text message survey and there were nearly 1,000 respondents (n=995).

Most customers rated the customer service as good or very good

Altogether 79 per cent of respondents rated the Incomes Register customer service as good or very good. 69 per cent were able to conclude their business during the customer service situation and 14 per cent were able to get their affairs under way. Whereas, 17 per cent said that their affairs were not handled.

Negative feedback on long waiting times

During the first months of the year, the waiting times were up to 30 to 60 minutes. This was the main reason behind the ratings poor or very poor. At the moment, the customer service's waiting times are, on average, less than five minutes.

The quality of the customer service and the challenges related to the Incomes Register system also received negative feedback.

We develop our customer service based on feedback

The Incomes Register has changed the reporting procedures significantly. To report earnings payment data, most companies use the services of accounting firms and accounting professionals, who were prepared for the implementation of the Incomes Register in good time.

'The change has been more challenging for households, small companies and associations. One of the biggest challenges is the statutory five-day reporting deadline. The strict deadline also brings challenges to the Incomes Register customer service. We monitor the quality of our customer service constantly and try to ensure that customers' problems are solved,' says Terhi Holmström, Director of Incomes Register Unit.

We will develop the Incomes Register customer service based on feedback. You can give feedback on our customer service by filling in the feedback form.

'It has become apparent during the first half of the year that many policy decisions still have to be made. We will discuss policy outlines with the organisations that use Incomes Register data. The data submitted by employers is widely used in decision-making. Therefore, it is important that the instructions are correct in every respect and in accordance with the users' statutes,' Holmström continues.