Did you receive a letter from the Incomes Register concerning reports that have been submitted multiple times?


In some cases, multiple reports containing the same data have been saved in the Incomes Register. These are so called duplicate reports and they have the same payment date, pay period, payer and income earner, as well as the same income types and amounts.

The Incomes Register has sent a letter to those data providers who have submitted such reports. The letter contains the payer's identifier, payer's report reference and the payment date. In addition, the letter contains the report reference of each report: both the report reference of the first report and the report reference of the extra report. If there are several extra reports, the letter contains the report reference of each one.

If you notice any errors in your reports, correct the erroneous reports and cancel the extra reports. You do not need to contact the Incomes Register Unit on account of the letter.

Based on the data submitted to the Incomes Register, pension and benefit decisions are made for citizens and various payments are imposed. For this reason, it is important that the data in the Incomes Register is correct. The payer, i.e. the employer, is responsible for correcting any erroneous data in the Incomes Register without undue delay.

Please note that some similar reports are necessary and they should not be cancelled.

  • For example, every travel expense invoice from the pay period can form their own report even though the payment date is the same. In some accounting systems for travel expenses, this is the normal situation. In this case, the data provider does not need to do anything.

How were duplicate reports generated?

  • When you submit reports via the Incomes Register's technical interface, you cannot deduce from the acknowledgement of receipt alone whether the record is rejected or saved in the Incomes Register. It is important to always check the processing feedback for confirmation that the report has been saved in the Incomes Register.
  • Early in the year, some of the records submitted via the interface and upload service were left in the stage 'In process'. In such a case, the record may have been submitted to the Incomes Register again. These cases have been examined and the Incomes Register Unit has sent a new letter to those data providers who still have duplicate reports that were generated at the beginning of the year
  • Duplicate reports have also been generated when some reports in a record have been corrected after which all reports have been submitted again to the Incomes Register – even though only the corrected reports should have been submitted.

If you have received a monitoring letter concerning duplicate reports, do this:                                        

  • Check from the Incomes Register if extra reports have been generated.
  • If necessary, contact your payroll system provider. Program providers give guidance on how to use their programmes, how to check the status of a record and how to read processing feedback.

If necessary, the Incomes Register customer service will help with situations concerning duplicate reports.

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