Incomes Register glossary

Incomes Register
The Incomes Register is a national electronic database. It will contain a comprehensive range of individual level data on earned incomes, pensions and benefits.

Incomes Register Authority
A Tax Administration unit responsible for the operation of the Incomes Register.

Income earner 
Income earners include all those who receive earned income, pensions or benefits.

Data provider
All companies and other actors that have an obligation to report wage, pension or benefit data in Finland.

Data user
In the first phase, which starts on 1 January 2019, data users will comprise the Tax Administration, Kela, the Unemployment Insurance Fund and earnings-related pension providers.

In the second phase, or from 1 January 2020, data users will expand to include Statistics Finland, the Education Fund, non-life insurance providers, unemployment funds, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s administrative branch, and the Occupational Safety and Health Authority.

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