Tax Return on the Web

You cannot yet file tax return information over the Web for tax year 2017. We plan to open the e-Service on 8 March 2018 for the taxpayers whose personal deadline date for filing a tax return is on 3 April 2018 (self-employed traders and self-employed professionals). For other taxpayers, the opening date is at the end of March.

Tax assessment details and bank transfer forms not available electronically

If you need a new tax decision, call the service number 029 497 046.

If you have lost your bank transfer forms, call the service number 029 497 026 (Payments, limited service available in English).
The service number will provide the details you need for making the payments.

While Tax Return on the Web -service is closed, you can inform your bank account number change in MyTax.

Launch the Demo

If you don't wish to log in right away, run the Demo version to practice and to find your way around. Any data you enter is deleted when you end your Demo session or when the session times out.

You have the option to make use of a dummy Business ID if necessary. Enter 7066467-0 in the Business ID field if you need to fill in a specification window during your Demo session.