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Using Tax Return on the Web

System requirements

Tax Return on the Web's progression stages

New decision on income tax assessment

User's responsibility for information integrity

Note: access to this e-Service begins 8.3.2018 for the taxpayers whose personal deadline to file income tax return is 3.4.2018. If the deadline date is 8.5. or 15.5.2018, access is open at the end of March.

Using Tax Return on the Web

You are free to use Tax Return on the Web for submitting almost all types of tax-return information to the Tax Administration.

If any window contains the kind of information that you cannot give over the Web, you must fill in the lines of the paper Pre-Completed tax return and send it to the tax office by post.

Note: if you use Tax Return on the Web, do not repeat it's information content by entering the same amounts etc. on to a paper form.

System requirements

To use Tax Return on the Web, you need

  • an Internet connection
  • a compatible browser -- most of them are The e-services of the Tax Administration work best if you use the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.
  • the Cookies setting as Enabled, and
  • the Javascript setting as Enabled.

To sign in, you must have

The secure sign-in service always checks the user's identity at session start.

Tax return on the web's progression stages

There are three main stages:

Stage 1: Personal Data

The display shows you the following facts about you: name, bank account, spouse's name, how many children under 18 you have, name of home district. It also shows your personal tax return filing deadline - this is the final date when you can still sign in to Tax Return on the Web. After that date, it will be closed.

The only inputs you are able to make are bank account changes, permission to let your spouse use an upcoming tax refund, and changes in family circumstances including child custody.

If you enter a new bank account number, the information is transferred to the Tax Administration through the Bank Account specification pages. When you are done with the bank account change you are free to continue using the other features - or to Sign Out. In order to transfer other data from your workstation to the tax office, you must reach Stage 3 -Submit Tax Return.

If you submitted some input at an earlier date and want to print them out on paper, click Print the details you submitted previously.

Stage 2: Entering facts and information for taxation

The column with the Information on record heading only shows the amounts that the database of the Tax Administration contains. Click Open to open a specification window where you can make checks and enter changes and additions as necessary.

If you already entered some input, submitted it or saved it as Incomplete, you see that input displayed under the Taxpayer's declaration heading. Click Open to edit or delete such input if necessary.

Stage 3: Submit Tax Return

The display shows a review of your input. You have the option to let us know your telephone number so we can reach you if necessary. Click Submit to send your tax return to us. Alternatively, click Save as Incomplete to save your input without sending it off. The input is then saved up to your personal deadline date of filing the tax return; after this, it is automatically deleted. You also have the option to log out without saving.

Note: the review display does not show any information on a changed bank account number although you may have changed it. New and changed bank account numbers are submitted via the specific Bank Account window.


To create a (pdf) review file of all your submitted input for saving or printing, click Print out a review.

Ending your session

Remember to sign out when you are done.

Note: to sign out when you are halfway through, simply click Sign Out. None of the changes or other input you made will be saved.

Help resources

See the right-hand column for specific Page Help guidance.

New decision on income tax assessment

Your input is processed at the Tax Administration. The result is a new Assessment Decision, which you'll receive by post by the end of October at the latest.

User's responsiblity for information integrity

The legal effects of secure sign-in identification on the Web and the online input are the same as for submitting a written income tax return on paper. Remember that you are held responsible for the input you enter.