Calculating the depreciation expenses

You have the option to use the depreciation table to help you work out the exact amounts. The system does not perform the calculations, you must perform them. Make sure you only include the part of the building(s) that you rented out. Enter the input, then click Calculate. The expense you calculated is automatically transferred to Depreciation expense for the tax year and the Calculator moves on to working out your net taxable rental income - or your loss from the rental operation.

Note: if you only own a part of the real estate being rented out e.g. you share it with your spouse, remember to only include the amounts that relate to your share of it, not the full amounts.

Applicable rate

Select the right depreciation rate. The maximum rate for residential and office buildings is 4 percent, for factories, workshops, storage, sales and showroom buildings it is 7 percent, and for any moveable property that is part of the real estate 25 percent.

Original acquisition cost of the building and/or the movable property

Enter the €€. The price of the land where a building is located, purchase expenses, utility connection fees, and expenses paid for building a sewer or street are not included in the acquisition cost of a building.

Undepreciated acquisition cost at the start of tax year

Enter the €€.


Enter the added parts of the property during the tax year such as it’s major improvement expenses.

Base of depreciation

Enter the undepreciated acquisition cost you calculated.

Depreciation expense for the tax year

Enter the €€.

Ending balance

Enter the result, in other words, the undepreciated acquisition cost at the end of the year.