Tax Return on the Web 2017

To be able to use Tax Return on the Web, you must Sign In. You must have e-banking identifiers, a mobile identification, a microchip identity card, or a Katso ID. If we didn't insist on this requirement, we could not be sure of the user's identity.

What does the e-Service do?

You are free to use Tax Return on the Web for submitting almost all types of tax-return information to the Tax Administration.

However, you cannot submit any information unless it is a correction to the displayed information on record, or unless you add something to it.

The e-Service is operational up to the last date of tax return submittal.

Note: if you are a taxpayer with an extended deadline of tax return submittal, given to you because you asked for extension, you cannot use the e-Service (except within its normal deadlines without the extension).

What you cannot do

The following circumstances prevent the use of Tax Return on the Web.

  • You don't have a set of personal e-banking identifiers, a microchip ID card or Katso ID.
  • Your personal deadline date for tax return filing has passed.
  • You didn't receive a Pre-Completed Tax Return at all — for example, you are under 18 years of age, or for another reason.
  • The income tax return belongs to an Estate of a deceased person. In these circumstances, you need a Katso ID to log in.

Recent updates



Access to this e-Service is open for the taxpayers whose personal deadline to file income tax returns is 8.5.2018 or 15.5.2018. Others have no access. 

Launch the Demo

If you don't wish to log in right away, run the Demo version to practice and to find your way around. Any data you enter is deleted when you end your Demo session or when the session times out.

Note: you have the option to make use of a dummy Business ID if necessary. Enter 7066467-0 in the Business ID field if you need to fill in a specification window during your Demo session.

Additional information

Purpose of use, scope of application

Statement regarding the use of stored data.

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Facts about e-identification

Tips and facts about Katso IDs.