Non-Finnish users – How to use the Katso ID (individuals authorised to sign for their company)

In the Katso service ( you can change your password, print out one-time passwords and receive authorisations. You can manage the details of your company and authorisations. You will find detailed instructions for users on the main page of the service.

When your Katso ID is active, you can sign in to the participating e-services for your company or authorise someone in your company to act on its behalf. In that case your employee will need a Katso ID.

For guidance on how to authorise someone, go to page Katso - Detailed instructions, section Authorisations.

If your company does not use e-services by itself, you can authorise an agent: Katso instructions for authorizing another party (usually an accounting firm).

If your company acts as an agent, your client must authorise you to act on their behalf: Katso instructions for agents.