Non-Finnish users – Appropriate type of company ID code and document requirements

When foreign-registered companies are setting up a Katso Master User, the following circumstances determine the suitable corporate identity codes:
  • If a Finnish Business ID has been issued to the company or to its branch office, this is the identity code to be used (and  Finnish Business ID must be selected as the type),
  • If the company does not have a Finnish Business ID (e.g. has no Finnish branch office etc.), the VAT number, or a national ID code are the identity codes to be used (and VAT number or National business identity code must be selected - this also includes codes that begin with 'EU', for example: EU246030219).

Document requirements

To get Master privileges you must present documentation (such as a Trade Register extract) that establishes your right to sign for the company, certified by a Notary Public and written in the English language or in Finnish/Swedish. Please send this documentation to Katso Support:

Taxpayer Services Unit
Katso Support
PO Box 1094

For more information, send e-mail to Katso Support (