Katso ID types

Katso ID This ID type is intended for strong authentication when signing in. Katso IDs are made up of a User name, Password, and One-Time Password. They are associated with a physical person's Finnish Personal identity code. Thus, the holder has shown proof of his or her identity to the authority, either in person (at a tax office dealing with Katso registration) or via a secure electronic sign-in interface.

A Katso ID holder is entitled to sign in the the Katso management interface to manage the information associated with the Katso ID (including password changes and authorizations).

The Master User feature may or may not be embedded in a Katso ID. Persons or employees with the right to sign the company name can become Master Users. Then they can represent the organization in the electronic environment. The Katso ID will then include an authorization for the Master User status, and a 16-character (4 × 4 characters) Master User Password will be required. The Master User status involves the right to sign the name of the organization in order to set up Katso Sub-IDs, to issue Authorizations, and to receive Authorizations from outside issuers. Further, all the roles included in the Katso system will be granted to the Master User automatically. An organization can have more than one Master User.

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Katso Sub-ID This ID type is only a User name and Password with no association to the Personal identity number of any physical person.

The Master User can create Sub-IDs for other employees to use in their work. Holders of sub-IDs cannot enter the Management interface to make changes (they cannot change their Passwords), because this is the Master User's responsibility. Not all roles included in the Katso system can be granted to a sub-ID. A sub-ID can be upgraded to a Katso ID.

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