How to get a Katso ID

You can get a Katso ID at for your company or organisation if you have the right to sign for the company or organisation.

Set up a Katso ID

Self-employed individuals and farmers do not have to be registered with the Trade Register in order to get a Katso ID.

The right to sign for an association is checked with the Register of Associations.

For consortia and estates of deceased persons, instructions for setting up a Katso ID can be found under Instructions, Katso representation of an estate or consortium.

If you already have a Katso ID and you create new Master User privileges, they will be attached to your current Katso ID.

Katso ID is linked to the personal identity code

When you set up a Katso ID, you can identify yourself using

Foreign nationals need a passport and a trade register extract

If you are a foreign national, you must note that Katso User IDs are issued only when you have proved your identity by showing your passport and confirmed that you have the right to sign for the company by presenting a Trade Register Certificate endorsed by a notary public.

Visit a customer registration office or send the documentation to the Tax Administration by post.

More information: Foreign users – individuals authorised to sign for the company