Corporation Tax Online

MyTax has replaced Corporation Tax Online. Go to MyTax from here.

Use your Katso ID and Password to sign in. You must be a holder of one of the following Katso Roles: Admin or Master User, Parallel Master, or Filer of Income Tax Returns.

MyTax has replaced Corporation Tax Online

From now on, MyTax is available for all users who file income tax returns or submit bank account numbers.

However, Corporation Tax Online works in “read-only mode” until 2 May 2018. This means that users will be able to browse their previously filed tax returns or download them for future use. No income tax returns can be filed in Corporation Tax Online.

Please also note:

  • Any previously submitted tax returns in Corporation Tax Online, and any input you might have saved “as unfinished” is not transferred to MyTax.
  • Corporation Tax Online will only work in read-only mode until 2 May 2018. If you have any saved information in Corporation Tax Online that you might need, we recommend that you download it.

More information

Legal statement regarding the use of stored taxpayer data.