Online service for car tax

Car tax payments are transferred to the Tax Administration’s bank account after 1 to 3 days even if this e-service is temporarily offline

If you send your payment in this e-service and an error message appears, your payment will still be transferred to the Tax Administration after 1 to 3 days. The Finnish Traffic and Communications Agency (Traficom) will receive permission for vehicle registration when the payment has arrived in the Tax Administration’s account.  

If there is an error in the e-service, make sure that the payment has not been debited from your bank account before you make the online payment again. If you accidentally pay too much, you will receive your excess payment back in a week.

Go to the service (only available in Finnish and Swedish)

Using the service requires identification, because the car tax return contains confidential information.

As a rule, the identified filer should be the party that is liable for the car tax. The taxable party is the party that is recorded in the vehicle register in Finland as the vehicle’s first owner.

Individuals can identify themselves with their online banking codes on the service.

Companies can use online banking codes to identify themselves for the service via The company can authorise an employee to use the service on the company’s behalf on the e-authorisation service. Companies can also currently access the service with a Katso ID.

A self-employed individual can access the service in one of the following ways:

  • By selecting “Act on behalf of a company” on This way, the company acts as the individual’s representative and the individual’s details are entered as the taxable party.
  • By selecting to act on their own behalf on This way, the company’s details are not entered in the return.
  • By using a Katso ID. This way, the company acts as the individual’s representative and the individual’s details are entered as the taxable party.

A self-employed individual’s business name cannot be liable for car tax. Tax is imposed on the individual’s personal ID.

A representative can use the service if they are filing the car tax return on the behalf of the taxable party. The Tax Administration may request a power of attorney afterwards. When using the service on the behalf of a company, electronic authorisation is also available via the e-authorisation service.


It is not yet possible to file the car tax return in My Tax. You will be able to file the car tax return in MyTax at the beginning of 2021.

What is the e-service for?

You can use this e-service to file a car tax return or to request the car tax refund for export.

You must file the car tax return in five days from filing the declaration of use

  • when importing a car to Finland
  • when taking into use an unregistered car bought in Finland or a car that has a valid vehicle registration in a foreign country.

A company engaged in import, manufacture or sale of a vehicle can also use the e-service to file the declaration of use for a vehicle to be used for display purposes.

What information is required?

  • Personal details, address and telephone number
  • The vehicle’s basic details and technical specifications from its official documentation
    • You can see the owner details, vehicle identification number and CO2 omissions on the vehicle’s foreign registration certificate.
  • Valid e-mail address where the Tax Administration will contact you after
    • receiving the car tax return
    • issuing the car tax decision
    • receiving payment
    • sending the registration permit
    • requesting further information.

Remember the required attachments

If you import a used vehicle, your application must have the following attachments:

  • a photo or a copy of the foreign vehicle registration certificate
  • the Finnish certificate of inspection for registration, if the registration process in Finland has started.

If you import a new vehicle, attach to your application:

  • the deed of sale
  • a list of accessories, if the vehicle has any.

Accepted file formats are pdf, jpeg, png and tiff. You can take a photo of the document you need to attach and upload it in one of these formats.

How long does it take to get a decision on car tax?

We process the completed tax return forms in the order of their arrival and send the decision back to the taxpayer without delay. Check the estimated processing time for the car tax return.

When we have finished processing your return, we will inform you by e-mail. You will also receive the decision by post after a few days.

Pay your car tax by its due date, using the payment instructions printed on the decision letter. After this, you can have your car registered.

How to make corrections to the return?

If you have to make changes to information that you have already filed, do not make a new return. Contact the tax payer service.

Supported browsers

You can use the e-service by the following internet browsers and version numbers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 31 (ESR)
  • Google Chrome 38 (or newer).

You can not used the e-service by the Safari browser.

At present, online payments of car tax cannot be sent if your browser software is Internet Explorer. Please, use another browser.