More information on ALVEU

Description of Purpose

ALVEU helps you submit application forms online 

  • VAT refunds from another EU country: A business registered in Finland may request refund of VAT, if the business has made purchases of goods and services in another EU Member State for the purposes of its VAT activities.

ALVEU System requirements

To launch ALVEU, you need

  • internet connections
  • The e-Services of the Finnish Tax Administration support the latest browser versions (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome)
  • cookies enabled
  • javascript enabled

To sign in to ALVEU, you need

  • a Katso ID, or
  • If you are a self-employed individual, you are entitled to use your personal Network banking ID, or alternatively a personal microchip ID card

ALVEU steps and instructions for use

Four Process steps:

Step 1: Client information

Client information

  • basic sign-in information is directly retrieved from the database:
    • business ID, name, country

Information based on your input in your first ALVEU session:

  • e-mailstreet address
  • postal code
  • city
  • phone
  • line of business

The Information provided column will show your own client information, if you have previously submitted a refund application and filled out the electronic application with your details. Press Edit to go to Specification page to make any changes or additions.

Press Messages to read any incoming messages.


Step 2: Basic information on the application – Create New

Basic information on the application

  • period of VAT refund
  • country of VAT refund
  • language selection for writing any free-text descriptions

Description of the business, for purposes of which goods/services were purchased

  • description of the line of business

Agent information. No input unless you use a representative/an agent.

  • agent's ID and type of ID
    • VAT number
    • tax reference number
    • Another ID
  • agent's name
  • country
  • phone
  • e-mai
  • lstreet address
  • postal code
  • city

Bank account in an EU country

  • name of account holder
  • role of account holder
    • own bank account
    • agent's bank account
  • IBAN account number
  • BIC code
  • unit of currency


Step 2: Basic information on the application – Select a previous application to make changes

In Step 2, to make changes or additions, you can select a previous refund application, which you have either already submitted or have not yet submitted but saved as incomplete. Press Edit to go to the Specification page. Please be advised that you cannot add new invoices or import documents to a submitted request.

Use the following criteria with the Search feature:

  • period concerned by the application
  • country of refund
  • application number

If it is necessary to cancel an application that has been saved as incomplete, first select it and then press Cancel.


Step 3: Specification of invoices/import documents

The system will automatically assign a sequential number to each invoice or other document relating to importation.

Write the following details:

  • invoice no / import document no
  • invoice date / import document date
  • description of the import document, written in the pre-selected language (If no sequential number exists for the import document, please give a free-text description to identify the document. Use the previously selected language)
  • use of simplified invoice details – yes or no
  • seller's name, VAT number or TIN, country, street address, postal code and city
  • description of the category of goods or services purchased (with codes and sub-codes) or a free-text description. Use the previously selected language
  • price exclusive of VAT
  • amount of VAT portion, expressed as a percentage, that entitles the applicant to VAT refund
  • requested amount of VAT refund
  • unit of currency

Invoices/import documents and Power of Attorney should be attached.

  • name of file
  • type of file permitted file types:
    • tiff, jpeg and pdf. We recommend the pdf format
  • Description of file contents

When making an new application, press Add new invoice or Add new document to add the new details in Specification of invoices/import documents. A new window appears. Fill in the lines with details. The recorded invoices and import documents are listed in the window.

You can upload your own files as attachments to the application. When you organize the invoices and import documentation, follow the layout of the sample file. If you import a file, the permissible format is CSV (*.csv), one of the available formats within Excel.

Look up the layout, sample file

The cells should preferably be in text format. Make the cell format settings before you fill in the data.

Correct date formats are and dd/mm/yyyy. If you are filling in the N, O, P and Q columns with numeric values, the correct decimal separator to use is the comma. Example: 200,22. Do not use dots for these. The columns S to W are for VAT refund codes, describing the category of goods and services. If the code used in the country of refund has a sub-code (such as 1.7), use a dot, not a comma, as the separator character. In other words, the correct format is like this: x.y or x.y.z. Do not use commas in the codes that describe the categories of goods and services.

You can enter max. five different codes per invoice/import document. Enter the codes in columns S to W. If you use code 10 (“other”), you must add a free-text explanation in column X. It is permissible to enter code 10 in any of the columns S to W.

You can only use the codes that the country of refund allows. To check what VAT refund codes allowed in that country, go to Stage 3 – “Add new invoice”. The software only shows the codes allowed by the country that you selected in Stage 2.

When you have finished creating your file, save the file but do not close it before you start uploading it. If you close the file, and the data consists of numbers, the Excel software might change the text-formatted cells back to number format. Likewise, if the data consists of numbers and dots (when there are sub-codes in the codes: 2.2.2), Excel might change the text-formatted cells into date format. Then you cannot upload your file.

No more than 100 invoices or import documents are allowed in one file. However, you can attach several attachments in your refund application, but you should upload them one file at a time. Each upload will be subject to a check process. The checking will result in corrections to be made if necessary. You should make the corrections that are shown in order to move on to Save or Submit.

When making changes or corrections to an earlier input, first select the invoice/import document from the list, and then proceed to make corrections. Press Edit to go to Specification to make changes, additions or corrections to your earlier data input.

Press Delete to remove the invoice/import document entirely.

Press Add attachment to add any attachment files.


Step 4: Submittal

Prior to submitting your completed refund application, please go over all the details in the review. You can still make corrections as necessary.

Press Submit to send your request to the Finnish Tax Administration. After submittal, you can see a review in the window. Press Print Version to print it out. You also have the option to save and quit. The system will keep your data input stored until the last deadline date of your refund application. After that, the data will be deleted. However, you may also sign out without saving.


Signing out

Please remember to sign out to close.

Please note that if you press Sign Out in the top right before your session is complete, the Finnish Tax Administration systems will not save your data input.


Online Help

Instructions for use and Help are available on the right. For more information, press Help.

Official decision in response to your application

The Finnish Tax Administration will receive your data input and send it on electronically to country of refund. Later, the tax authority of that country will send you a confirmation of receipt, and in 4 to 8 months you will receive a decision as an answer to your refund application.

Legal responsibility for correct data input

Signing in to ALVEU and data input in ALVEU is legally similar to the earlier procedure of filling out an official application form. Please remember that you are responsible for the correctness of all data input.