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If you represent a business or a corporation you must have a Katso ID and password to sign in. Individuals including self-employed professionals must sign in with their personal web banking codes (or HST microchip identity cards).

What does ALVEU Online do?

Finnish VAT taxable persons can submit an application to another EU country through the ALVEU website. Taxable persons can fill out and submit the necessary forms through the ALVEU website.
To apply for a VAT refund you will need invoices and any other documentation from your business partners in the EU, as proof of the purchases of goods and services made. Your VAT refund will be based on the input VAT related to these purchases.
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When can you not use ALVEU?

If your company has not had a valid VAT registration during the application period.
If your company’s legal domicile is Åland Islands,
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Brexit affects VAT refunds to foreigners

If the UK withdraws from the EU without an exit agreement on 30 March 2019, the way of requesting VAT refunds to foreigners from the UK will change. If purchases included in your refund application relate to year 2018, submit a refund application to the UK through the ALVEU Online service by 25 March 2019. After this date, the Finnish Tax Administration cannot guarantee that electronic applications arrive in the UK on time.

If purchases relate to the period of 1 January to 29 March 2019, you cannot submit an electronic application in the ALVEU service. After Brexit – at the earliest on 30 March 2019 – refund applications must be submitted directly to the UK.  Please contact the UK tax authority ( for instructions on submitting a refund application.

For purchases made after Brexit, you can request a refund in the same way as from any other non-EU country.

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