Declaration of vehicle use

In the e-service, you can submit a declaration of use concerning a vehicle that will be registered in Finland.

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When must a declaration of use be submitted?

If you are going to drive the vehicle in Finland before its registration, you must submit a declaration of use. You can submit the declaration either as soon as you import the vehicle or when you start driving it.

When is it not necessary to submit a declaration of use?

  • You are not going to register the vehicle in Finland.
  • You do not drive the vehicle before registration, you only move it by another means of transport.
  • Your situation allows the tax-exempt use of the vehicle. Read more about temporary tax-exempt use.

Keep the confirmation message in your vehicle

After you have submitted the declaration of use, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. Keep the confirmation message with you in the vehicle either as a print-out or in a mobile device. Present the confirmation to authorities supervising traffic if so requested.

The declaration of use is not a car tax return, so remember to file the return as well.

After the declaration of use

  • You must file a car tax return to the Tax Administration within 5 days after making the declaration of use.
  • You can use the vehicle temporarily without paying car tax for a maximum of 3 months if you have filed the car tax return within 5 days from receiving the confirmation message of the declaration of use.
  • Please note that the period of tax-exempt use will end on the due date of the car tax at the latest.
  • The period of tax-exempt use will also end if you cancel the car tax return or the car tax decision.

Problems with the e-service

  • If you do not receive the e-mail confirmation within 5 minutes of submitting the declaration, submit a new declaration. Make sure that the e-mail address you have given is correct.
  • If the confirmation you receive contains incorrect information, submit a new declaration with the necessary corrections.

You can also submit the declaration on a paper form.

Taxpayer service for car tax

Supported browsers

You can use the e-service by the following internet browsers and version numbers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 31 (ESR)
  • Google Chrome 38 (or newer).

You can not used the e-service by the Safari browser.

At present, online payments of car tax cannot be sent if your browser software is Internet Explorer. Please, use another browser.