Tax Card Online 2018

Tax Card Online allows you to see some of the contents of the database where all information is confidential. This information only concerns you and no-one else. Therefore, you have to sign in through a strong authentication process. You can use your network banking User ID and Password, mobile certificate, or a HST card issued by the Population Register Centre.

What is the e-Service for?

You can request and print out a new tax card for wages, salary, secondary income, benefits or seafarer's income.

You can print out the tax card yourself, provided that your request does not need to be checked by a tax clerk.

You can also request a new tax prepayment or change an existing prepayment. The prepayment bank transfers will be posted to you.

With your e-banking codes you can request a tax card for yourself only. Parents can request a tax card for their underage child by calling the number 029 497 050 (standard call rates).

What information do you need for the revised tax card?

  • Estimate of your income for the entire year.
  • Details on your actual income
    since January 1st.
  • Amounts withheld since January 1st.
  • Details of any tax-deductible costs that you might have.

Please allow enough time for Tax Card Online to process your request!  Your employer may need to have your tax card two weeks in advance of your next payday. If you do not print it out yourself it will be sent via the postal service, the delivery time being ~4 to 5 working days.

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Further information

During your session

You are expected to report realistic estimates, facts and information that display your annual gross income and tax deductions.
The estimates, facts and information affect your withholding, and the end result of your tax assessment for the current year.

You receive an acknowledgement of receipt at the end of your session, confirming that we have received your input.

We save your input in our database.