How to request prepayment – instructions for entrepreneurs and invidual taxpayers

The instructions are for individual taxpayers, self-employed individuals, partners of general or limited partnerships and agricultural operators.

If your operations are small in scale and you also have, for example, wage income, the business income can be taken into account in the calculation of your tax card. File a tax card request in MyTax.

How to make a request for tax prepayment in MyTax

  1. Click “Tax cards and prepayments” on the MyTax home page.

  2. Under Prepayment, select the tax year for which you want to request tax prepayment or a change to your prepayment amount.

    You can enter information by selecting “Request tax prepayment” or “Change the prepayment”.

  3. In the first stage, you will see your relevant taxpayer details. Proceed to stage 2. “Pre-completed income and deductions”

    You can make changes to the pre-completed details if your income or deductions have changed.

  4. If you request tax prepayment based on new income, enter the income in stage 3. Other income.

    You can enter income such as new business income, rental income or capital gains from the sales of assets.

    To enter business income, for example, select Yes under “Business income subject to prepayments”.

    After you have reported the details, go to stage 4. “Other deductions”, where you can submit other deductions, if any.

  5. Go to stage 5. “Delivery method”. You will receive a new prepayment decision in MyTax once your request has been processed.

    If your business activities are seasonal, you can opt to pay all the prepayment instalments during the period when you have activities.

  6. Finally, proceed to stage 6. “Preview and send”. Check the details and submit the application.

    You can view the prepayment decision in MyTax as soon as the application has been processed. You can find the decision in your MyTax mailbox.

    The prepayment decision and payment instalments will also be sent to you by post if you have not decided to communicate electronically by activating Messages.