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How to file an excise duty registration notice in MyTax

You can use this form to submit an excise duty registration notice, update your registration details or end a registration. 

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window). After you have logged in, do as follows:

  1. See image

    Select the Activities

  2. See image

    Select Registrations and authorisations and click the Excise duty registration

    The registration process has 3 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail above your company’s name.

  3. See image

    Stage Basic details:

      • Select the notice type: are you submitting a new registration notice, updating register information or ending a registration? Also select the activities subject to excise duty or the type of aid recipient that the notice concerns.
      • Note that you cannot change the selection after you have moved on to the next stage.
      • If necessary, change the contact information of the person providing further information. When you have filled in all the necessary details, proceed to Next.
  4. See image

    Stage Registration information:

    Enter the start date of registration and the other requested details.

  5. Stage Preview and send

    Check that the details are correct. If you need to make changes to the registration information, click Edit.

    Once all the details are correct, click Submit.