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How to file tax return 6C in MyTax (other than non-profit association or foundation)

  1. Select the organisation on whose behalf you wish to file the tax return.

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    On the home page, click File a corporate income tax return under Corporate income tax. Select the appropriate tax year for the return you are submitting.

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    Check and fill in the basic details. Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage.

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    Enter Specification details on the association or foundation. If the association or foundation is a non-profit organisation, read the instruction How to file tax return 6C in MyTax (Non-profit association or foundation).

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    Enter all income as recorded in the accounts in the Taxable result stage. In the Accounting section, enter both taxable and tax-exempt income. If you are reporting dividend income, click Open specification.

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    Give other relevant details in the Other clarifications stage, such as details on training deductions or securities. If you want to enter details, select Yes and then click Open specification. After you have entered all the details, click OK.

    Enclose your profit-and-loss account, balance sheet and the annual report or a free-form account describing the activities of your organisation.

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    Enter items that are not taken into account in allowable loss in the Taxable result or allowable loss stage.

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    You can see the details you have saved in the Preview and send stage. Recheck the details. You can go back and make corrections by selecting a previous stage or by clicking Previous. When all the details are correct, submit the tax return. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

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    A return is regarded as received as soon as you have submitted it. To find the return you just submitted, open the Activities tab, go to Status of returns and requests and select Filed returns and submitted requests and applications. If the tax return is shown as Submitted, you can still edit the return or delete it.


Page last updated 5/20/2020