Extension of time to submit annual information

We may grant you more time for filing your annual information return for a valid reason. For example, a sudden sudden illness is considered a valid reason, whereas work commitments or vacations are not.

You can request more time for filing by calling our telephone service or by making a free-form written request. 

If you make your request in writing, include the following information:

  • the date and your name
  • your Business ID or personal ID
  • the annual information return that the request concerns
  • the extended deadline that you need and the grounds for your request
  • information on how to contact you or your representative.

The request must arrive at the Tax Administration by the ordinary deadline date for the annual information return, during office hours. You can hand-deliver the request to any Tax Administration office or send it by post. 

It is important that you file annual information returns on time so that the payments you have made can be included on the pre-completed tax returns for individual taxpayers.