Check which Tax Administration registers your company must be entered in

Register your company in the required registers when submitting the start-up notification. If you intend to launch business operations later, you should register the company in the registers only when business begins.

Registration times

If you have entered your company in the Trade Register, your start-up notification will be processed first by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and only after then by the Tax Administration. Registration in the Tax Administration’s registers takes approximately 3 weeks. See more detailed processing times.

VAT Register

Companies that sell goods or services are usually liable to pay VAT on their business. Register your company in the VAT register.

Not all business sectors are subject to VAT. Read more about business excluded from VAT.

Turnover below EUR 10,000

If you estimate that your company's turnover for the financial year (12 months) will be less than EUR 10,000, the company need not be registered in the VAT register. The estimate should be done carefully, because if your turnover for the financial year is higher, you may have to pay VAT afterwards. If you find out later that the turnover exceeds EUR 10,000

  • register in the VAT register immediately
  • pay the value added tax for the entire financial year, including surtax
  • report self-assessed taxes for the full year.

If your business involves a lot of acquisitions that include VAT, you can voluntarily register in the VAT register. When registered in the VAT register, you may deduct VAT included in purchases made for business purposes.

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Prepayment Register

It is advisable for new companies to register in the prepayment register.

This means that your customers, who pay invoices, do not need to withhold tax from the payment An operator entered in the prepayment register, i.e. the company, takes care of the prepayment of tax itself.

It may be difficult to receive orders before the company is entered in the prepayment register. If you sell services for which your customer may claim tax credit for having paid domestic costs, the precondition for the claim is that your company is registered in the prepayment register.

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Employer Register

The company is a regular employer and must register in the Employer Register if the company pays wages

  • permanently to at least two or more or
  • to at least six employees, even if the employment relationships are temporary and intended as short-term.

The company is an employer paying wages occasionally and does not need to register in the Employer Register, if it employs

  • only 1 permanent employee or
  • 1–5 employees, whose employment does not last the whole calendar year.

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