How is the current year’s total of prepayments calculated?

The Tax Administration calculates the amount to be prepaid on the basis of your latest closed tax assessment. If you are a new business owner, you must give us an estimate of your profits and income either in MyTax or on the Start-Up Notice form.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on how your income is developing. If it seems that your actual income is lower or higher than the estimate, or if profits for the current year will be different from the previous year, we recommend that you request changes to your prepayments.

What income is subject to prepayments?

What income is subject to prepayments?
Business owners, self-employed
Agricultural taxpayers
  • Taxable profits from business, Taxable profits from agriculture
  • All other income during the tax year after deductions
Shareholders of a partnership or limited partnership
  • Compensation agreed to be paid to the shareholder
  • The shareholder's other income during the tax year, after deductions
Limited-liability companies and cooperative societies
  • 20% of taxable income
Associations and foundations promoting the public good
  • 20% of business income
  • 6.27% of the taxable income derived from real estate or agriculture
Other associations and foundations, not promoting the public good
  • 20% of the entire turnover