The summary and how to check it

Once a month, a new summary of transactions appears in MyTax, covering self-assessed taxes, income taxes of corporate entities including joint benefit administrations, inheritance taxes and gift taxes. Check the summary. If you have filed some taxes and charges that you believe should show on the summary but are not there, please make sure your self-assessed tax return contained the right tax period, and also make sure you used the right reference number when you made a payment. If there have been no transactions during the month, there will be no summary.

The summary is shown in MyTax

Summaries are created on the last day of the calendar month. They become available for viewing in MyTax when next month begins. Exceptions are made for the taxpayers of Pharmacy Tax and for those whose tax period is the calendar year. These taxpayer groups get their summaries on March 2 every year (or the following business day if March 2 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday). The balance showing on summaries is for the date when the MyTax system generated the summary – it is not the month-end balance.

If there have been no transactions during the month, there will be no summary. You can also view the information in MyTax before the summary is created.

The main contents of the summary are:

  • Tax payment status
  • Taxpayer reference number for sending payments
  • Specification of self-assessed taxes, corporate income taxes or inheritance and gift taxes as appropriate
  • Information on how your payments and refunds are used 
  • Details on some specific decisions including late penalty charges
  • Punitive tax increase and late-payment interest
  • Reminder text on any taxes that are unpaid
  • An entry saying that an unpaid balance may be recovered by the Enforcement Agency, published on a protest list, and entered in the Register of Tax Debts.

Summaries are created in MyTax and posted on the website in the language registered as your service language. You cannot print them out in any other language.

You can ask for the summary to be sent to you by post. When we send it by post, it arrives to you about a week after the day when it is first made available for viewing in MyTax.

Summaries show information on inheritance and gift tax if you log in as the Katso Master User or if your Katso Role is “Parallel Master User” or “Company MyTax”. If the login was by a Katso ID on behalf of an individual taxpayer who is a self-employed person (T:mi), the balance shown in MyTax does not include inheritance and gift tax. Summaries are not shown at all to users who log in with “Filer of self-assessed taxes” or "Filer of income tax returns" roles.

Summary may contain reminders of unpaid taxes and missing returns

The summary prompts you to pay if any of the taxes are past their due date when the system creates it. The unpaid balance and the late-payment charges on it will be shown as they had accrued at the end date of the summary period. You also see a list of any returns that have not been submitted by their last filing dates.

You are expected to pay up the taxes and interest without delay. The interest continues to accrue until date of payment. To find out how much late-payment interest you must pay, use the calculator in MyTax.

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Payments and refunds of self-assessed taxes that have not yet been used

Your summary shows any payments or refunds that have not yet been used for taxes or that have not yet been refunded back to you. Summaries may show some differences amounting to a few cents. Consequently, your accounting records and the summary may have differing balances. This is merely due to the fact that the summary only includes the payments, refunds, and credit interest that were used during the current month, not before or after that. For more information on credit interest and how it is used, log in to MyTax.

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