Reports on construction work

You must file a report on all construction, renovation and maintenance work done on a construction site.

Changes to reporting

The reporting of construction work will change in November. Read more

Service break 1–8 November 2019 – take care of your tax matters in advance

MyTax will be unavailable between 1 November and 9 am on 8 November 2019. In addition, our tax offices and telephone services will be unable to process your tax matters during 4–6 November. Read more about how the service break affects services.

Buyer of construction work: contractor or constructor

Have you bought construction services? You must report the details of all contracts you have bought.

Project supervisor

Are you the project supervisor at a construction site? You must report information on all employees who work at a shared construction site.

Household as a constructor

File a construction report for all work that requires a building permit.

The Tax Administration gathers information on contracts and employees for combating the shadow economy.