Bank account numbers and reference numbers

This guidance concerns individual and corporate taxpayers alike.

To send us a payment of any tax, you will need:

  • The Tax Administration's bank account number
  • Your own reference number for bank transfers, or the appropriate code to be entered in the message field of the bank form

To find the above information, which is different for different types of taxes, either look it up in MyTax or check the paper enclosures you received with the tax decision.

When paying taxes, you must include the reference number or the message code

The Tax Administration's bank accounts are in Nordea Bank, Danske Bank and OP. It is not enough to just state the bank account number when you have to pay a tax. You must include the reference number or the appropriate message code. They are necessary for matching your payment with the right tax. Every taxpayer has their own reference numbers and codes. Reference numbers are not always the same. They vary depending on the tax type.

Always check the numbers and codes either in MyTax or on your tax decision. The Tax Administration’s bank account numbers are not on

See the guidance: How to find the correct reference number in MyTax.

The Tax Administration’s reference numbers are in the “RF” format. Write the reference number in full, including the letters RF. If you cannot enter the code in its entirety, try leaving out the first four characters. Sometimes you may be unable to enter the reference number (e.g. if you are using a foreign bank’s e-service). In this case, you can enter it in the message field.