Bank account numbers and reference numbers

This guidance is for both individual and corporate taxpayers.

You need the following information for paying a tax:

  • the Tax Administration's bank account number
  • the correct reference number

Depending on the tax type, you can find this information either in MyTax or on the tax decision you have received.

Reference number is always required

Pay your tax by bank transfer to the Tax Administration’s account in Danske Bankd or Nordea. In addition to the bank account number, you need a reference number that tells us which tax the payment is meant for. Every taxpayer has their own reference number. In addition, different types of taxes have different reference numbers. However, your personal tax-specific reference number is always the same.

Example: You receive a reference number for real estate tax on your real estate tax decision for 2020 and in MyTax. You can use the same reference number when paying your real estate taxes in the future. However, you cannot use the reference number for real estate tax to pay other types of tax.

Always check the information for payment in MyTax or on your tax decision. The Tax Administration’s bank account numbers are not on You need both the bank account number and your personal reference number for making payments.

See instructions: How to find the correct reference number in MyTax.

The Tax Administration’s reference numbers are in the RF format. Enter the reference number in full, including the letters RF. If you are using a foreign bank’s e-service, you may not be able to add a reference number to the payment. In this case, write the reference number in full in the message field.