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How to file a limited liability company’s or cooperative’s tax return 6B in MyTax

  1. Select Act on behalf of a company.

  2. Select the company on whose behalf you wish to file the tax return.

  3. Go to Activities and select Filing returns.

  4. Find Corporate income tax under either Your tax types or All tax types. Then click on Select period.

  5. Click File return for the correct period.

  6. Check and fill in the basic details to move on to the next stages.

  7. Select Shareholders. Choose either Yes or No depending on the situation.

    Open the shareholder details if necessary and make any required corrections or additions. You can add new shareholders by selecting Add new.

    If real estate units or apartments owned by the company have been used by a shareholder or their family during the accounting period, report this information by selecting Add new in the section Residential property owned by company.

  8. Select Change of ownership, profit distribution and share capital. Fill in the necessary details. The section Decision on profit distribution is required information. If you select Yes, you will be able to enter details on dividends and the distribution of retained earnings from an unrestricted equity fund. Click Add new to enter the required details.

    In the section Number of shares held by the company at the end of the accounting period, enter only the number of company shares that were in the company’s possession at the end of the accounting period. Do not enter the number of company shares held by shareholders or the total number of shares in the company’s share capital.

    If a telephone number has been saved in the user profile, MyTax shows the user’s details as the contact information of the person who can provide further information. Otherwise fill in Other contact information.

    Proceed to the next stage, Calculation of taxable income.

  9. Enter income and expenses from different sources of income. Select the income sources whose details you wish to report. MyTax calculates the taxable profit or loss automatically.

  10. Fill in the sections based on the company’s profit and loss account. Report both accounting details and tax accounting details if there are fields for both. If there is a supplementary form relating to the section, click Open specification and fill in the requested details. Finally, click OK.

    Proceed to Calculation of net worth.

  11. Report balance sheet details. File specification details for different asset types on forms 18 and 8A. Click Open specification. If you have filed specification details in the previous accounting period, the details will be pre-completed on the forms. Edit, add and delete details as necessary (e.g. the taxable values may have changed from the previous year).

    Fill in the sections Liabilities and Equity based on the balance sheet. MyTax automatically calculates the net worth based on the details you have entered.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to Other clarifications.

  12. At this stage, you can report other matters that affect tax assessment. Select Yes in the relevant sections and enter the required details.

    If the company has not made depreciations in accounting or in taxation, but the company should report details on Form 62, you can enter those details here.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to Financial statements.

  13. Report details on audits. Click Add file to add attachments. You must attach the profit and loss account and the balance sheet to the tax return. Select the attachment type according to the contents of the file. You can select whether the attachment is delivered only to the Tax Administration or also to the Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

    Go to Preview and send.

  14. Recheck the details. You can go back and make corrections by selecting a previous stage or by clicking Previous. When all the details are correct, submit the tax return. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

  15. A return is regarded as received as soon as you have submitted it. You can find submitted returns on the MyTax home page on the tab Finished actions. If the tax return is shown as Submitted, you can still edit the return or delete it. If the return is shown as Received, you can no longer make changes to it.