Reports on construction work – employee details

The project supervisor at a shared site must collect employee details starting 1 July 2014. If the site has no project supervisor, the commissioning party is responsible for filing the report.

Project supervisors must give details on the employees at the site

The reporting threshold is €15,000 in total contract value for the building contracts at the site, bought by the commissioning party. All companies working at a shared site must give details on their employees to the project supervisor. Project supervisor may freely agree with them on how this information is collected.

Reports must be filed by the 5th of the second month following the reporting month. For example, the details regarding July must be reported by 5 September. They must be filed electronically.

Project supervisors must report employee information

Always submit the Finnish personal identity code for those employees who have one.

For large quantities of data, the recommended e-service is

For smaller quantities of data, you can use a web fillable form.

Reporting applies to everyone who works at the site

You must provide details on everyone who works at a shared construction site, regardless of the type of their work, including any office workers or cleaners.

If the construction site cannot be separated from other activities in the area, only the details of those participating in the construction work or related tasks are required.

What is a shared construction site?

It means a workplace where several employers are operating at the same time. The site is 'shared' also if the operations are consecutive and there is a chronological or contract-based connection between them.