Reports on contracts and employees are e-filed

The customers who buy construction work must collect information on the contracts in order to include it in their reporting. The Project Supervisor of the construction project must collect information on the people who work at the shared construction site.

First find out whether it is contract or employee details that you must report. The criteria for "contract" reporting are not the same as those for "employee" details.

The guidance on this page is applicable not only to all business entities and all types of companies, but also to other organisations such as municipalities (guidance for municipalities is given in Finnish and Swedish only).

Reporting deadline is the 5th day of the month

Submit the information electronically either via using a fillable form or via The gateway is for files generated by your company's software applications. You run it either through a browser or through a software interface.

Accessories for creating test files for the procedure of reporting on construction work (

Reports must be filed by the fifth day of the second month following the reporting month; for example, the details that concern July must be submitted by 5 September. The online reporting software sends you an electronic acknowledgement of receipt.

Katso identifiers or personal identification is required for e-filing

Those submitting reports for a company or an organisation need to have a Katso ID to log in to e-services ( or a personal ID, if their authority is based on authorisation. Your company may already have the Katso role for Periodic Tax Return filing, which can be used for filing construction-sector reports. If it does not have that role, the Comparison data filer role should be used. For more information, visit the Katso guidance at

Guidance on Katso — Users outside Finland

If you are self-employed, or if you are a primary producer, you can log in with your e-banking ID or with a microchip identity card.

Buyers of construction services must report contract information

If you have a Finnish Business ID, remember to include it in your reportsFor large quantities of data, the recommended e-service is

For smaller quantities of data, you can use a web fillable form.

Project supervisors must report employee information

Always submit the Finnish personal identity code for those employees who have one.

For large quantities of data, the recommended e-service is

For smaller quantities of data, you can use a web fillable form.


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