How to report annual information

Companies and other parties who make payments to taxpayers must file annual information returns to the Tax Administration detailing the amounts they have paid.  

Employers do not need to file an annual information return on wages and other earned income, because we receive information on these payments from the Incomes Register. 

Select the annual information return that you wish to file

Instructions for filing different kinds of annual information returns are available below. 

You can also file your annual information return on

You can upload your annual information return as a file on the e-service. For more information, see the data format specifications for annual information returns.

You can also submit information on Tyvi services. For more information about filing, contact your Tyvi service provider.

You can file an annual information return on another party’s behalf without authorisation

You can log in to the e-service to file the return. Log in to with your personal e-bank codes or an electronic ID card. You can keep using your Katso ID until 31 December 2020.

Fill in the information of the party on whose behalf you are filing the return. No authorisation is required.

You can also file the return on behalf of someone else on without authorisation if you have the Katso role of Master User or Annual Information Return Filer.