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Olkiluoto 3

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Further information about taxation to individuals working and companies operating in Olkiluoto:

Contact information:

  • e-mail us: ol3(at)
    We’ll help you with any taxation problems you might have that concern the construction of Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. We offer general guidance to your personal taxation as well as to your company’s taxation and also in employer obligations. We’ll serve you in English and in Finnish.
  • Pori tax office
  • Rauma tax office

Contact information to other authorities:

  • Registration for a Finnish personal identification number from and change of addressfrom Local Register Office
  • More information on residence permits from Police:
  • More information on social security in Finland from Finnish Social Insurance Institution:
  • More information on pension insurance from Finnish Centre for Pensions:
  • More information from occupational health and safety from Regional State Administrative Agencies