New enterprise – self-employed (private trader)

Getting started with a trade or business? You must complete the 'Y3' application form. This is the basic start-up notice for the VAT Register, for income-tax prepayments, for the Employer Register and the Trade Register. You will receive a Business ID in a couple of days. However, allow some three weeks for the registrations.

Fill in and print the Y3 Start-Up Notification Form (

Send completed form to:
PRH – Verohallinto
Business Information System
PO Box 2000 

The Business ID

New businesses are given a Business ID as soon as their Start-Up Notification has been recorded in the Business Information System (BIS). You can also see the Business ID on the BIS website in two or three days.

Check the Business ID (

The self-employed can only have one Business ID

If you have been self-employed previously and you are taking up your operation again, you must use the same Business ID as before. It stays in force although the operation of the trade or business has ended, and is ready for use when you start again.

Fill in and print the Y6 Form for starting again (

Don't delay with your Start-Up Notification

If you don't operate in an industry requiring a permit issued by the controlling authorities, you can start your trade or business as soon as you have filed the Start-Up Notification. For this reason, before you start trading, we recommend that you open a separate "business" bank account for spending and receiving money, arrange your bookkeeping, buy any insurance you might need, and so on. Contact your insurance company to learn more about the statutory pension insurance (YEL) for the self-employed.

Approximately 3 weeks are required for having you entered in the official registers.

More information on registrations

Entry in the Trade Register is not mandatory for the self-employed 

There is no law that would require the self-employed to have their business on the Trade Register.  However, you must have your business registered in the Trade Register if:

  • you are going to operate a trade or business that requires a permit. More information ( – English – Permits)
  • you have a permanent place of business, i.e. you have reserved a separate space in your dwelling for business purposes
  • you have people working for you other than your spouse and other than your child or grandchild under 18 years of age
  • you wish to have the business name protected by trade-name registration i.e. not let anyone else use it.

Preventing others from using the same business name

The most efficient way to get protection for your selected business name is to submit a registration application to the Trade Register.

However, you cannot be fully sure beforehand as to whether the business name is suited for registration. The Trade Register authority performs an examination of the selected name.

A handling fee is collected. Read more about the Trade Register's handling fees (

Sector of business included in the Start-Up Notification

When you fill in the Start-Up Notification you must also identify your line of business and tell us what kind of business you are going to conduct. Examples of different sectors or lines of business include Dental services, Hairdressing, Barber shop services, or Beauty and Health services.

Only one line of business is recorded in the Trade Register and other information systems, and it is shown on the BIS website as your main line of business. However, your business may run other operations as well if you have stated them on the Start-Up Notification.

Report your main line of business on the Start-Up Form using the Standard Industrial Classification of Statistics Finland.

Visit the website of Statistics Finland:


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