Paying VAT or checking the payment information

  1. Select Paying taxes on the home page.

  2. Navigate to Self-assessed taxes.

    From here, you can either move on to your e-bank to pay the tax or you can simply check the payment information as you might need it some other time when you pay taxes.

    (a) Paying the tax in MyTax

    • Select the Pay self-assessed taxes button.
    • Enter the amount of tax you are going to pay and click Next.
    • Click Go to e-bank to continue. You will see a payment template that contains the Tax Administration’s bank account number and the reference number (i.e. the payment information). Note that the date of payment is the current date and it cannot be changed.

    (b) Checking the payment information (reference number, bank account number):

    • Navigate to Other payment methods to see the reference number you need for making payments of VAT and other self-assessed taxes. Please note: when you enter the reference number for the bank transfer, you must include the letters “RF” and all the numbers.
    • Navigate to Tax Administration bank account numbers to see the bank accounts.
  3. When you have paid the tax, it is displayed as a paid tax in MyTax on the following business day or the day after that.