Supporting startup companies with international tax questions

The Finnish Tax Administration is taking a special interest to assist fast-growing businesses in managing their tax risks and obligations, especially in situations where companies are expanding their operations to other jurisdictions. Startup companies planning to emerge to other countries will normally encounter a number of challenges with their international operations, and special know-how is required for recognizing and resolving these tax issues.

We have set up a team of dedicated experts to provide our clients with workable solutions through quick, high-quality professional service related to VAT, business income tax, prepayments and withholdings as well as transfer pricing. Our service comprise of advisory and guidance for businesses by inviting them to open a dialogue with us when their tax issues emerge, and at best, even before the companies commit themselves to any structures or transactions.

The service is covered by the requirement of strict confidentiality as any other tax matter in Finland. Through this service we seek to provide our clients with predictability and legal certainty as regards to their Finnish tax obligations. Any guidance provided for a particular tax issue will be respected in the final taxation of the company. The service is free of charge (moderate fees for formal advance rulings).

Typical tax issues for startup business:

  • Withholding taxes and international double taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Valuation and sales/licensing of intangible rights when they originate in Finland
  • Business acquisitions
  • VAT, especially on electronic commerce
  • Compensation and incentive programs

We are committed to do our part in helping Finnish businesses to flourish and grow.

How to contact us

  • Send e-mail to: startups(a)

Our team representing Large Taxpayer's Office will then contact you soon. Things will get started by agreeing on initial steps, materials to be delivered, setting up meetings and timelines, depending on the case at hand. Please include in your mail your contact details and a short description of your situation and the tax questions you have identified.

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Recently started up?

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