The required information to be filed once a year – FATCA, CRS and DAC2

Financial institutions based in Finland must send the information listed in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to the Tax Administration once a year. In the same way, financial institutions based in Finland must submit information about their clients in compliance with the Common Reporting Standard of the OECD, and the amended DAC2 Directive of the EU, in accordance with the relevant instructions for filing annual information returns.

The deadline is the end of January every year. must be used for the submittals.

Guidance for filing the annual information return

  • Generate an XML file and send it via to file your annual information returns both for FATCA and for CRS/DAC2.
  • You must file an annual information return as a “nil” return if you have not had any reportable client accounts or transactions during the calendar year.
  • Log in to with a Katso ID and password or with a personal user ID and password. The required role level is Katso Master User, Parallel Master User or Filer of annual information returns. If you handle the annual information returns for several organisations or companies, it is enough if you log in with just one Katso ID and password to send them.

Technical instructions for the service – click the links below:

Send your annual information returns via

For more information, send e-mail to: fatca(a)